Joyfax Broadcast 1.0

Fax broadcast Suggestions

Suggestions to help you run a successful fax broadcasting campaign:

  • Make sure your Font Size is 11 or larger to make it easier to read;
  • Large Text is a great to help emphasize a point, don’t use bold,increase the font size instead;
  • Use a plain Open Font like Arial rather than a tight or scripted font, they come out much better on faxes;
  • Keep your message short and straight forward;
  • Make sure you have included your correct details telephone, fax etc – how do you wish to be contacted?
  • Only use black and white. Particularly when creating your PDF document, make sure its in black and white not colour (although the page may appear as black in white it may be saved as colour); If you need to use any graphics or logos, make sure they are in black and white not colour or greyscale;
  • Make sure the page size is A4;
  • Try and avoid tick boxes and/or thin black lines for people to write on, they generally look very ordinary;
  • Maybe you could have a fax back or order form at the bottom of your page. This would encourage people to be respond, as will a special offer or discount;
  • We recommend the following multi-modem cards: Digi Acceleport Ras 4/8 Port Modem cards, Mainpine IQ Express 2/4/8 Port Modem, Multi-Tech MultiModem ISI Multiport Analog Modem and Comtrol RocketModem IV, and please refer to How to install multiple fax modems?
  • TEST!! – The most important step, send your document to your own fax machine and see how it comes out.
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