Joyfax Broadcast 1.0

Setup Wizard and Options

The first time you launch the Joyfax Broadcast, a setup wizard will start, helping you customize the Company Informations, Area Code and Fax Devices. You can change the settings in anytime by clicking the Options button on toolbar. The settings dialog box has two tabs:

  • General tab contains the company informations and area code
  • Fax Devices tab allows to configure the fax devices

General Tab

General tab contains the following items:

  • Company informations: Sender's information will be used in the cover page
  • Area code: Specifies the country code, area code, and specific dialing requirements for the place you are dialing from. It is used to analyze telephone numbers and determine the correct sequence of numbers to dial.
  • Show Fax Broadcasting wziard while createing a new project

Fax Devices Tab

Fax Devices tab contains the following items:

  • Fax Devices: Allows you to choose a modem to configure settings
  • Detect Devices: Click this button to automatically detect all connected modems
  • Fax Class: Use Class 1 unless your modem does not support it.  Class 1 has been in existence much longer, is supported by most fax machines and enjoys the most consistent implementation across fax devices in use today.  The selection of fax class does not, in any way, affect the transmission speed.
  • Reset String: Specifies the reset command to reset the modem after a fax transmission. Common reset commands are:
      1. ATZ
      2. AT&F
      3. AT&F0
  • Init string: Specifies the initialization string to the modem. If don't know what it is, leave it blank please.
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