Joyfax Broadcast 1.0

Create New Fax Broadcasting Project

This wizard allows you to specify the fax contents and who to fax:

  • In Joyfax Broadcast, click New Project, and then click Fax Wizard button on toolbar if necessary;
  • The Fax Broadcasting Wizard will begin, click Next;
  • Click on the recipients gird to add a recipient, or click Import... button to import recipients from a csv file, click Next;
    • Company: Recipient's company on cover page
    • Note: Note on cover page
  • Click Append button to add files(Can be Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pdf, RTF, jpg, png, tif and txt files) to fax, click Next;
  • Choose a cover page if you want, click Advanced... button to set up the Fax Header and Print Quality; Click Preview button to to see a full-screen preview of the fax file; click Next;
  • Specify the sending time and attempting settings, click Next;
  • The software will generate the fax automatically for broadcasting, click Finish to close the wizard.
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