Fax broadcast Suggestions
Suggestions to help you run a successful fax broadcasting campaign:
  • Make sure your Font Size is 11 or larger to make it easier to read;
  • Large Text is a great to help emphasize a point, don’t use bold,increase the font size instead;
  • Use a plain Open Font like Arial rather than a tight or scripted font, they come out much better on faxes;
  • Keep your message short and straight forward;
  • Make sure you have included your correct details telephone, fax etc – how do you wish to be contacted?
  • Only use black and white. Particularly when creating your PDF document, make sure it`s in black and white not colour (although the page may appear as black in white it may be saved as colour); If you need to use any graphics or logos, make sure they are in black and white not colour or greyscale;
  • Make sure the page size is A4;
  • Try and avoid tick boxes and/or thin black lines for people to write on, they generally look very ordinary;
  • Maybe you could have a fax back or order form at the bottom of your page. This would encourage people to be responded, as will a special offer or discount;
  • TEST!! – The most important step, send your document to your own fax machine and see how it comes out.
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